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Deep wells, distribution stations at overland water pipelines, pump stations; water treatment systems and container each of them has to be monitored and controlled. The main task of the local supplier of water services is to ensure the drinking water supply, whether as public services or as association, since it is one of the most essential necessaries of our lives.The management of drinking water facilities in operating areas of association is a territorial widely distributed process, regardless whether own water sources are used or the local supplier of water services provides the drinking water. An automatic and perfect controlling and monitoring of the systems are of particular importance for the efficiency of the supply and thereby also for the price of drinking water which the consumer will appreciate.Our planning in all work phases, if necessary from acquisition of the actual state and preliminary planning to design engineering and detailed design to the preparation of specifications, ensures the conservation of values and security both of new constructions and of the existence for the operating company.Our service offer will be completed by building supervision and warranty management.

An effective and economic implementation of the user’s requirements based on the state of the technology will be given special emphasis.

Our customers will receive all those services and benefits from a single source at SYSTA GmbH, whether it is about electrical engineering, measurement technology, automation and telecontrol or process control engineering.

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